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Welcome to SHIFT Game Online

Welcome to SHIFT Game Online! This website is dedicated to one of the craziest online puzzle flash game. The use of 2 dimensions is what makes the game confusing and challenging. One moment you are walking on black, SHIFT, welcome to the white side. Use this multidimensional SHIFT to make it through the game. Collect items to change the situation in a level so that you can make it to the end. This flash game will leave your brain confused but that is exactly what makes it so fun. Now sit down, relax, concentrate and SHIFT in to puzzle mode! Run little black man, run!


The sequal to the fantastic and unique flash game SHIFT is here: SHIFT 2. This time you are a woman and just like in the first one you have to use the black and white dimensions to puzzle your way to the end of the game. Watch out though, new elements have been added. There are also new extras, including the ability to make your own custom levels. SHIFT 2 continues to amaze and for the sake of mankind I hope that this amazing game series will continue to expand. Subject, you may enter!

Play - SHIFT 2

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Right here, the one and only SHIFT flash game! Simple yet so addictive. Basically this is a game you need to play to understand what it’s all about, but I’ll try to explain. Collect the keys to activate certain changes in the level and make it to the door. You can shift between the black and white dimensions to get to certain places. Use the arrow keys to move around, space to jump and shift to shift between dimensions. Just play the game and everything shall be explained there. SHIFT!

Play - SHIFT

Click to play SHIFT
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